Getting Your Book Published Quickly in a Week

Get your Book Published Quickly in Just a Week!

I love the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise because despite being a 1980s film filled with classic era truisms and electronic music; it was a deeper story of a young man seeking his way in the world, only to find something he wasn’t looking for. What struck me most was that even while working behind the bar, slinging Margaritas and Sex on the Beach, he always had a business book under the bar’s close hand in the pursuit of finding and bettering himself. 

So, I bet that chapter headline grabbed you and pulled you in because I know we all want to do things the easy way. And I bet you’re curious about how you can write your business book and publish it within a week? Of course, the reality is you can, but the real question you need to ask is, do you want to? We all know that anything worthwhile takes time and effort and your business book is not any different. In fact, your business book demands more attention than a Sunday afternoon brain dump to publish it. It takes a whole lot more and it will take dedication to seeing it through, and attention to every detail in making it great. Your business book can change things, set things on fire, and catapult you to a new level. And if done hastily, don’t be surprised if you find your book in a pile of dust at the bottom of an empty shelf.

…It’s your choice and all up to you.

However, you can brainstorm and develop your book idea in a week, but the writing and execution will take longer, so be prepared for the long haul and adopt the mindset to play the game. If you want your book to succeed, build it on a solid foundation and do everything you can to win. Second best is not good enough. Success doesn’t come from shortcuts; if there are, I haven’t found them. But if I do, I’ll let you know, but for now, let’s dive in on brainstorming your power business book idea.

Jim C. was a family man with three sons and a loving wife. He went to work each day, fighting clogged highways, busy streets, smog, and rude people, only to slog into his office, where he remained enslaved for eight hours before punching out, going home and doing it all over again. Jim knew there had to be something better, but was afraid to step away from his job’s security.

Then fate stepped in.

One morning, headed to work, Jim drove mindlessly down the interstate to the city when a deer suddenly leaped in front of his car, sending Jim and his car careening, tumbling into the medium. As Jim lay there helpless, his leg pinned under the hood, he knew his life would never be the same. After the surgeon’s removed his mangled leg to save his life, Jim contemplated what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. As he lay immobile, he took matters into his own hands and made up his mind to start a career he loved.   

Life often deals us strange hands, and those changes lead us into unchartered territory toward a better existence. When you start a new business or want to begin a new career, writing a book and publishing is one of the best tools for building your brand and supporting your career with any new or existing venture. Popularity in writing books has skyrocketed, and book writing catapulted my ghostwriting career. By publishing your own book, you can boost your career and make a decent passive or full-time income.

Understandably, you’re considering writing a business book and are not alone. At some point in their careers, hundreds of coaches, freelancers, entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, managers, and business owners consider going down this path. The benefits of writing a business book are many, so it’s not surprising that many people are interested in doing so. But unfortunately, while many people want to write a book, few actually do it. Why?—Business books are hard to write, and good business books are even harder.

There is no quick way of writing a good book, and there isn’t any doubt it will be a challenge. So, if you want to make that book a reality, you’ve got to be prepared to commit to the task. And if you’re convinced you want to do this and get your book out there to the world, then get in touch with me, and let’s work together and move your business forward. or reach out via my website

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