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Jeffrey Mangus


Jeffrey Mangus

Inventor Confidential

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Jeffrey Mangus

Hiring Your Ghost

Jeffrey A. Mangus

Hiring Your Ghost is an essential guide to find and hire the perfect ghostwriter to launch your book successfully. Are you thinking of writing a book, yet you are out of time? Perhaps you don't possess the specific writing skills necessary to write a saleable manuscript? Maybe you're a CEO or business leader with no time to spare to sit down and put pen to paper, yet, you need a book written yesterday?

Wherever you find yourself, this book will show you exactly how you can make your book dreams become a reality.

Hiring Your Ghost is for anyone and everyone who has a book writing dream. Whether you are a leader of business, a Fortune 500 executive, CEO, Celebrity, Musician, Artist, Politician, or individual with a story to tell-I wrote this book just for you.

Over the years, I have discovered many people need help with book writing and the understanding of a collaboration between a ghostwriter and author. The stigma still exists about using a ghostwriter and is a problem that must be overcome. Ultimately, the time has come to answer essential questions and pull back the cover to reveal the secrets of hiring a ghostwriter. Within these pages, you will learn precisely what it takes to find and hire a ghostwriter to get your book published and into the world.

Today, there are too many variables, options, blogs, videos, choices, and opinions. All these factors add up, and after a while, create massive confusion and chaos about the matter. I wanted to write a book that finally sets the record straight. Hiring Your Ghost is the essential go-to guide in understanding ghostwriting and writing a book utilizing the services of a ghostwriter.

Jeffrey Mangus


Jeffrey A. Mangus

Ampossible is the go-to guide for every amputee from the first day after limb loss to the day they get their life back.

Thousands of amputations happen each day and millions happen every single year around the world. Yet, what an amputee actually experiences minutes after surgery, what’s endured through the heart-wrenching recovery, to the time they get their life back, is rarely addressed in its complexity. Almost every amputee experiences an onslaught of emotions filled with confusion, grief, anxiety, depression, and immense physical pain. AMPOSSIBLE offers a glimpse into the realities of limb loss for those who experience it and answers the many questions amputees often have surrounding their very immediate medical needs as well as the long-term challenges, both physical and emotional, amputees must face. The book is a no-holds-barred real-world depiction of life as an amputee.

Jeffrey A. Mangus, a below the knee (BKA) amputee, delivers straightforward information for both the amputee and his or her family and support network. Covering the basics of wound care and rehabilitation, he also addresses the very real emotional needs of living a new reality without a part of the body intact. Offering hope and guidance, however, Mangus encourages readers to challenge themselves to overcome the downsides and live a full and engaged life.

Jeffrey Mangus

A Family’s Addiction

Anna Harmon Lozano

Addiction rushes into a person’s life like a Tsunami. Slow at first, seemingly out of sight, trickling in, until it crashes ashore— leaving devastation in its wake. Drugs and alcohol can wreak havoc, destroying everything— and everyone in its path.

Yet, Ana Lozano Harmon, her son Anthony, and her entire family endured the pain, tears, and tragedy to tell the tale. This is the story of survival of drug and alcohol addiction, through the strength of a mother’s love and with a family who pulled together unconditionally— to save one of their own.
A mother’s love for a child is everlasting, yet, facing addiction, can place a soul-wrenching strain on a mother’s heart, pushing it beyond normal limits. Ana’s situation became desperate in trying to help her son. Yet each day, the pain pushed her closer to the edge, almost beyond reach.
Maybe you are here in desperate need, filled with despair, and a driving desire to understand what to do?
… Is this you?
About the Author
Ana Lozano Harmon enjoys family gatherings at home believes togetherness keeps unity within the family circle. A Family’s Addiction is her first published book. Ana is retired from NBC/Telemundo TV stations where she took pride in helping fellow co-workers enjoy their time with family. Ana says, “I never believed that I could be an author of a book, but having faith and praying before starting each page, gave me the inspiration to share my life, pain, hardship, and triumph within my journey. And the best of all is this book allowed me to share with you.”

This book is dedicated to all those suffering addicts, recovered addicts, parents of addicts.

Jeffrey Mangus


Don Buckner

As an American business owner and all-around American, I believe in Sovereignty and the American way. From the days of our founding fathers to today, our economy has seen dramatic and disastrous events. And each event has changed the course of every life of every American. Money, no matter its origin, location, or denomination, should all flow into a complete circle to have a financially sound economy. The problem is there are apparent factors in our economy breaking the circle and robbing America of our sovereignty and strength financially. I discovered that money comes back around. Unfortunately, money is currently being sent elsewhere, preventing it from coming back to its origin. This led me to uncover significant problems with our economy that are mostly overlooked or not recognized. Money moves, and it seems to trickle down through local businesses, vendors, utility companies, family, schools, and throughout the rest of the community—however, it does return.

My goal with the Circle of Economics is to unravel the details and shed new light on the use of money and the stretching and movement of a dollar. I want to bring it into a close perspective, to give everyone an educated fighting chance to change things. I hope that you find ways to harness my ideas and heed the advice to lead your way to profitability, prosperity, and keep on living the American Dream.

Jeffrey Mangus


Jeffrey A. Mangus

A book proposal is a necessary tool to get your book bought, sold, and acquired by any major publisher of your choosing. The proposal contains specific sections, much like a business plan that you, the author, must input to sell your book. A skilled ghostwriter can assist you in writing a successful book proposal, and I consider book proposal writing an essential aspect of my ghostwriting career. A book proposal could also be used to garner literary agents and book representation. Before I go further, there is a misnomer among the publishing industry where authors believe they can sell books without a concise book proposal. I am here to put an end to this line of thinking. This is a fact—when attempting to acquire a major publishing deal, a book proposal is— THE only way to accomplish this task. The key is to write a book proposal that will floor any agent or editor. Whatever book you want to write, it must be presented to agents and publishers, and you must nail it! But what if you don’t have the time or skills to write a book proposal? Then you hire a ghostwriter and get your book sold! Book Proposal Magic will show you precisely how to gain the edge over your competition, and write a winning, selling, and exciting proposal agent, and editors cannot ignore! BOOK PROPOSAL MAGIC is a deep dive into how to work with a professional ghostwriter to write and formulate a selling book proposal. Within these pages, I outline every critical detail to help you every step of the way. Here, you will learn about agents, publishers, and the intricate mechanics of a winning book proposal.

Jeffrey Mangus


Jeffrey A. Mangus

Amputations are global and hundreds of thousands happen every single day. But, what happens after an amputation and how a person adjusts to their new life as an amputee is still quite a mystery. Limb Loss Life tells the hard truth about living as a new amputee. This book is a no-holds-barred non-sugar-coated depiction of life and how to live it as a limb loss person.

Jeffrey Mangus said “My view of my life was terrifying after my limb loss. My wife and I were confused and scared because we both didn’t know what to do or where to go for help to figure things out. I made it my mission to write this book as transparent as I could to deliver a heartfelt message to anyone going through limb loss. My goal is to help guide and reach as many as I can with my book. My hope is the book shines light on your lives and brings hope to your darkest days.”

LIMB LOSS LIFE is an eye-opening view, from a person living with limb loss, the information is direct, straightforward and down to the nitty gritty on what you need to know to live a healthy, and bountiful life as an amputee. This is the sole reason for this book.

Join countless others in learning about the journey during your season of amputation. Experience the best and learn about the worse case scenarios with your limb loss. Limb Loss Life will shed much-needed light and help you through the dark forest to reach a bigger and brighter day as a new amputee.

Jeffrey Mangus


By Craig Wissler

Most people wander through life, not knowing what they want to do or how to achieve their dreams. And most people settle for normalcy, never reaching their full potential. WHY- Set Your Goals, Get on Course, and Discover the Way to Change Your Life will change your perspective and peel back the answers to achieve maximum efficiency and hit all of life’s dreams—one goal at a time. Everyone on the planet, without exception, has the same amount of time every day. No more and no less. We are all equal, and how we each choose to live our lives is the difference in seeing success—or not. Goal setting and discovering your “WHY” is the formula that will ultimately turn your life around— and be a decision you will never regret. Mr. Craig Wissler sets the record straight and shows the exact ways to utilize your goals to produce excellent results in your life. He exposes the ways to use your “WHY” to have the fullest and most abundant life that you deserve. WHY- Set Your Goals, Get on Course, and Discover the Way to Change Your Life will shine new light on how to maximize your time for more efficiency, and skyrocket your creativity to achieve amazing results in your life!

Jeffrey Mangus


Keith Trippie

Were American Citizens unwitting co-conspirators to the US Congress’ Money Laundering and RICO Violations during the 2020 Election Cycle? The Forgotten American: Prosecuting a RICO Case Against the US Congress answers that question. This courtroom drama makes the case for how the US Congress is guilty of money laundering and RICO violations, the same as the mafia.

The former Federal Executive and entrepreneur is one of the millions of Forgotten Americans. His new eBook exposes how the US Congress has committed Constitutional crimes against American Citizens. This fictional account blends factual information from news articles and government publications, with powerful fictional characters. The explosive new eBook unspools how the Congress non-uniformly taxes some citizens and not others, spends outside the 18 Enumerated Powers authorities and the payoff, how campaign funds are funneled back into their political campaigns.

This book is a must read for American patriots, 74 million Americans and fans of El Rushbo, the Great One, Bongino, Wilcow and the many listeners of the most popular talk radio format in the US, conservative talk shows. The book is written in their voice. God Bless America.

Jeffrey Mangus

86,400 SECONDS

Dr. Pierre Poteau

In the 86,400 seconds each day, you’ll lead an efficient, fulfilling, and better life when you know how to make the most of those seconds through goal setting and time management. Learn to:

  • Break destructive habits—build useful habits
  • Identify your best priorities and act on them
  • Filter and sort tasks to fulfill your commitments
  • Reduce interruptions—eliminate distractions
  • Rid yourself of the barriers that prevent focus Work toward results with positive momentum and gain these outcomes:
  • Self: appreciate your talents and nurture your health and well being
  • Environment: cultivate pleasant spaces to live, work, and play
  • Family: find balance with the respect, love, forgiveness togetherness requires
  • Community: enhance casual relationships with appropriate attention and kindness
  • Education: find joy in the practice of continual learning
  • Career: understand the integrity of exchange in employment and business

Dr. Poteau offers wisdom earned through personal, educational, and professional experiences to enable the self-responsibility and self-confidence that come with successful time management. Find answers to questions and utilize strategies to live the full and rich life you deserve in all 86,400 seconds!

Jeffrey Mangus


Warren Tuttle

The President of the United Inventors Association shows inventors, innovators, and makers a savvier, safer path towards monetizing your better mouse trap and how to avoid the get-rich-quick scammers.

The road to licensing a profitable, innovative product or technology is riddled with curves, holes, and rocky cliffs. Every year, hundreds of thousands of eager inventors around the globe spend millions of dollars seeking assistance from inventor service companies and individuals claiming to be experts in the innovation and licensing fields, though their actual success rates are poor in relation to the dollar amounts they charge.

The reality is, according to Inventors’ Digest™, while 78% of new inventors believe they will make over a million dollars with their inventions, less than 1% actually do. Marketers prey on this scenario for their own financial gain.

Inventor Confidential tips the odds back in the investor’s favor, helping them:

  • Gain a much broader picture of the many current challenges that inventors face these days.
  • Understand the red flags to watch out for when individuals or companies charge up front for their coaching or help-to-market services.
  • See how inventors can improve their odds of licensing success by following a thorough product development protocol, creating working prototypes, and filing U.S. patents.
  • Get the insider perspective on how companies determine the quality of a product submission and if they want to work with the inventor.
  • Learn the 30 steps to market if you want to go it alone.

For anyone who has a great idea or invention and wants to monetize it but are not sure who to trust, Inventor Confidential will show them where to best spend their hard-earned money to maximize their odds for success.