A Ghostwriter’s Voice

In my blogs, I have made it a commitment to tell the truth and be open about myself and my business. Ghostwriting is a profession I did not choose. It chose me. Words were in my heart, and writing was the engine to get them out on paper. I love being a ghostwriter, and I am thankful my life pointed me in this direction.

So, every morning, my day starts at 5:30, and I wake up and shower and prepare myself for the day. The world is quiet, and I take advantage of grabbing a cup of coffee, letting my dog out, and catching up on relevant emails and news. At 630, I begin writing.  I do not have a supervisor, and I am stringent upon myself to get started each day.  I do not see it as work. Writing is the part of my day —that I love. When the writing begins, the world is locked out. It is a pure soul, and mind union as the words flow out from underneath my fingers— and onto the screen. I live for the moments where the words flow with a single connection to my inner voice.  And this is the voice that tells the truth—this is my voice.  It is this voice that keeps things in order and speaks to me in such a prolific way— it cannot be ignored. My voice is the one that keeps me in check and directs my words, thoughts, actions, and mood.

As a ghostwriter, I soon discovered I could hear other’s voices besides my own. I found I could listen to my author’s voice rather clearly. My mind has an uncanny knack for capturing the author’s voice inside my head, and I can reflect that voice tone and style into the author’s words. I do not find it difficult or challenging. Instead, I find it easy. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have met my challenges and struggled to find the author’s voice amidst the voices in my head. I had to dig deep because I knew it was there, hiding, and I had to coax it from out of the shadows—and into the light.

That, to me, is the gift. The ability to sift through the recorded voices in my head and be able to convey those voices onto the written page. It takes experience, dedication, and skill—all wrapped into one. When hiring a ghostwriter, their personality, and the way they work must fit within how you want to work. However, no matter how good your ghostwriter is, they must be able to capture your voice and find your words. When you hire a ghostwriter to write your book, make sure, to be honest with yourself and examine if the ghostwriter is capturing your voice. Do not settle for a half-baked book because you didn’t want to upset the ghostwriter or face any conflict. Life is made up of strife, and if you are not getting the book you want, speak up and let them know—before it is too late. Be professional and polite, but let them know things aren’t the way you want.  Let them know adjustments need to be made. Good ghostwriters will understand and make those adjustments to find your voice.

As ghostwriters, I feel it is our responsibility to do everything we can to capture our author’s voice— and do it well. Your voice is what makes your book unique and shows the world who you are—from the inside.

I believe in searching for my author’s voice in my head until I bring it out into the light of day. I want my author’s voice to ring true and speak to the reader.  That is the thrill and the pleasure in ghostwriting by capturing the voice that pushes them to stand above the crowd —and stand the tests of time.

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