I will ghostwrite your business book or memoir. 

You just show up and talk, that's it.

Let me capture your voice on the page and handle the rest. 

Who I Work with

My name is Jeffrey A. Mangus. I work with powerful executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and new authors who have incredible, life-changing stories and want to put it all into writing their business books or memoirs.

I specialize in writing books that make you money and guarantee a full return on your investment.

I love sitting in the front row with authors who beat adversity down, survived gut-wrenching challenges, and overcame them to reach the top. I love rags-to-riches stories that show tenacity, grit, and determination.

I collaborate with individuals who are determined to inspire, go above and beyond, think outside the box, and leave a memorable legacy.

The essential aspect of ghostwriting isn't prose and writing; it's about listening, interviewing, and doing it with compassion and empathy.

Why is this true?

At its core, ghostwriting is only successful because the stories come from you, the deep, raw stories that captivate readers.

This is where I truly shine.

Ghostwriting a book is a personal endeavor that involves interviewing you to capture the true essence of your story.

My job is to bring those stories to life, writing prose that engages the reader, shakes their world, and keeps them turning the page.

I am different and a cut above most ghostwriters. Sure, I can write, but my strongest skill set is listening, using a thorough interviewing process that allows you to open up to deliver the events of your life, and digging deep through self-reflection while not disrupting your normal life.

But listening, writing, and interviewing aren't the only things that make a book. There is more.

Making an exceptional book takes strong collaboration, turning our conversations into books that leave long-standing legacies.

I cut my teeth by ghostwriting over thirty books over the past nine years with five #1 Amazon Bestsellers for Harper Collins, Harper Collins Leadership, Harper Collins Focus, Blackstone, Tantor, Highbridge, Jenkins Group, Rowman and Littlefield, Highbridge Audio, and Audible.

As an authoritative business memoir ghostwriter, the key is to get the storytelling gears in motion by genuinely listening and collaborating with you to bring those stories to life.

As a professional ghostwriter, I am a chameleon, adapting to capture your emotions, memories, and intellect with your stories. I am versatile, compassionate, a tactful interviewer, a seeker of sincerity, and a skilled storyteller.

More importantly, I have a diverse background in publishing, with nearly a decade of experience helping authors like you who have beaten the odds and aspire to make their book dreams real, leaving a legacy to help others.

(Depending on the project details, my fees range between $1.00 and $1.25 per word.)

Do you have a book idea you want to explore? Let's talk about it!


I became known as an authoritative six-figure business memoir ghostwriter after earning five #1 Amazon bestselling titles. I serve my clients by writing books for professional executives, entrepreneurs, CEOs, thought leaders, celebrities, and other inspiring individuals.
I tap into my nine years of professional storytelling and award-winning writing experience, working with my clients to become bestselling authors.
I have worked with authoritative experts, high-profile coaches, leaders, men and women, entrepreneurs, and TEDX speakers.

 I am a 5x #1 Amazon bestselling ghostwriter and author with thirty-five (35) award-winning and bestselling books to my credit. I have written for many of the big five publishers, including Harper Collins Leadership, Harper Collins Focus, Rowman & Littlefield, Tantor, Blackstone, Highbridge Audio, and Audible.

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