The Secret “Sizzle” Behind Writing a Great Business Book: What is it?

The Secret “Sizzle” Behind Writing a Great Business Book: What is it?

By Jeffrey A. Mangus

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational.” ~ Albert Einstein

Just the other day, it happened again. While doing some work and meeting one of my authors, they asked a question that stuck with me: “What will make my book great?”

I knew I had to handle the question with care. So, I responded, “It’s when we find the major epiphany of your book.”

With every book project I undertake, a profound and personal connection develops between the author and me. As our collaboration deepens, we share more creative, transformative moments where the book’s key concept and major idea come to light, and when it happens, it is always amazing.

In business book writing, I refer to this as “The Epiphanic Idea,” and it’s the secret ingredient that sets your business book apart. But it’s not just about finding the idea; it’s about presenting it from your unique perspective, which will captivate your audience, pique their curiosity, and fulfill the promise to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. This unique perspective is the catalyst for setting your book apart, rising above the noise.

Have you ever been doing something in your life, and out of the blue, you’re hit with the idea that forever changes everything? Have you ever been alone, and something hit you that made you sweat, knowing everything had just changed? When it happens, you see the world and your life differently, and moving forward is your only choice, because returning to your old self is not an option. That, my friend, is an epiphany. It’s an illuminating realization that changes your perspective forever and is the biggest ingredient in creating incredible, life-changing books.

The epiphanies, those mind-altering moments, bring clarity amidst chaos, and bring the book’s unique idea to the surface, transforming it into a powerful force for change to the reader.

Epiphanies are life-changing realizations that shift your perspective. When writing a business book, epiphanies are a powerful force for change for the reader. It is essential for focusing on the special narrative, adding clarity and depth, sparking what drives the book forward, and providing readers with a new perspective or solution to a problem.

When written effectively, epiphanies inspire the book’s unique value proposition (UVP) and act as a powerful tool for change, inspiring readers to adopt novel approaches or challenge their own thinking. As a new author, your goal should be to create a compelling and impactful book that resonates with your audience by surfacing and developing these epiphanies.

The best part is that as you work with a ghostwriter, those revelations show you more of who you are and spark further creativity. They are not just moments of inspiration, but also of personal growth. Anyone can have a stroke of genius, but as a writer, these moments of clarity and insight change the course of your life and the lives of your readers.

Yet, capturing the epiphanic concept is challenging. It is simpler to actually experience a lightning strike than to have those euphoric moments of vision and clarity. These moments are rare and precious, and when they occur, they can transform your work and life. As a ghostwriter, part of my job is to ask the right questions, spur thought, and deep self-reflection to unearth the special lightning-strike moments that can make your book great. To write a great business book, you must use your epiphanic ideas and concepts, understand your target audience, have a captivating story, and communicate engagingly, keeping readers glued to the page.

As a professional ghostwriter, this is where my skills come into the picture. I help you pinpoint your book’s Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and work with you to develop and frame it by applying storytelling techniques to hook readers and give them actionable advice. While you maintain your business and life, I am behind the scenes, ensuring your writing is clear, concise, and informative, while avoiding jargon and clichés. Once you have written the book, I will edit and revise it according to your vision, carefully refining your manuscript to perfection and making it shine. This is the secret to writing a great business book that will stand the test of time.

If you are a leader and want to find your Unique Value Proposition for your book idea, please contact me and get on my schedule.

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Jeffrey A. Mangus is a 5x #1 Amazon bestselling ghostwriter and author with thirty-five (35) award-winning and bestselling books to his credit. Jeffrey has written for several major publishers, including: Harper Collins Leadership, Harper Collins Focus, Rowman & Littlefield, Tantor, Blackstone, Highbridge Audio, and Audible.

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