The Rise of Ghostwritten Non-Fiction Business Books: A Deeper Look

As the business world becomes increasingly complex, more people are turning to non-fiction books to help them navigate the challenges and opportunities of the modern marketplace. Over the past decade, the popularity of non-fiction business books has surged, with millions of copies sold each year. Statista reports that they expect the global revenue of the business book publishing industry to reach $17.9 billion by 2021. These numbers show that the growing demand for practical information, especially in business, is exponentially growing before our eyes.

Increasing demand for lifelong learning is one of the primary factors for the rise of non-fiction business books. As technology and industries evolve, individuals must continuously update their skills and knowledge to stay current. According to a 2019 Pew Research survey, 82% of American adults believe reading is essential for personal development. Because of the abundance of non-fiction business books, readers can select from diverse topics, including leadership and management, entrepreneurship, and finance.

Who are the authors of these books? While subject-matter specialists write some, ghostwriters write many. These are professional ghostwriters contracted by individuals or businesses to compose books on their behalf. This enables busy executives, entrepreneurs, and Thought Leaders to share their expertise and insights without the time, effort, or expertise required to write a book.

As more business leaders recognize the importance of spreading their expertise through books, the demand for ghostwriters has increased exponentially. In fact, 42% of ghostwriters surveyed by the Association of Ghostwriters in 2019 reported increased demand for their services over the previous year, which is growing daily.

But does that mean the quality of business content will wane just because someone else authored the book? Critics argue that ghostwritten books lack authenticity or are too polished. Still, ghostwriters often strive to capture the author’s voice, expertise, and point of view in their work, making the material stand out above the fray.

As a professional ghostwriter of over twenty-nine books, I realize it is not about whether I have the same voice as the client, but about capturing the essence of what the client wishes to communicate. As a ghostwriter, I do the work behind the scenes to allow business leaders to focus on their strengths, while delegating the work of writing outside their expertise. By enabling the leader to use their time effectively, the result is a more polished and well-rounded book that brilliantly captures the author’s voice, offering valuable insights and advice.

As the demand for non-fiction business books continues to grow, so does the role of ghostwriters in the publishing industry. With our expertise and writing skills, we are helping business leaders share their knowledge and experiences with a broader audience. And with the rise of digital publishing and audiobooks, these books are becoming more accessible than ever before.

So, the next time you pick up a business book, consider the hard work and collaboration that went into creating it. Thanks to ghostwriters like me, many can learn from the best and brightest in the business world, no matter how busy they may be. As Charles Duhigg, author of “The Power of Habit,” once said, “The best leaders are insatiable learners, and books are a significant source of knowledge.” With the rise of non-fiction business books, we ghostwriters provide a unique opportunity for aspiring leaders as readers to learn from some of the most successful and innovative leaders of our time.

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