Will your Ghost Disappear?

Okay, you have a book idea and you need to get it done.

Thinking of hiring a ghostwriter?

Sounds good, but there are a couple of things you need to do first.

You want to make sure things are going to be good with your ghost.

 You want to make sure they will disappear…

What do I mean?

Well, jumping into having a book written by a ghostwriter is a big step and obvious a necessary one for you to tell your story to the world.

Oh yes…

But, this is my point..

It is your story. It’s yours and not the ghostwriters.

And this is important…

Will your ghostwriter truly disappear?

Because, a good professional ghostwriter will put their ego aside and disappear and put you at the forefront of the project.

I mean, let’s face it…

It’s your book, ebook, blog or webpage project.

You need to get this book or project done, but you’re busy and don’t have the time to sit down to write a 60,000 word book.

And that’s okay!

This is why you’re hiring a ghostwriter in the first place!

Having a ghostwriter write your book or project will free you up to make sure other things get handled, while your book is being written.

Look, here’s the deal…

When you hire a ghostwriter is is vital that you get along with each other at the onset.

It’s important to interview your ghostwriter to make sure the relationship is a good fit. And make sure your ghost doesn’t have a huge ego that you cant deal with.


Because you will be working with your ghostwriter for a few months on your book or project.

Now don’t get me wrong, you’re not married to them. But, working with a ghostwriter will be and should be one on one.

Writing your book is close-up and personal and there is trust and a ton of communication involved.

This is why a good ghostwriter sets his/her ego aside to make way for you and your project and does everything to  make sure the book or project is successful.

When you are thinking of hiring a ghostwriter make sure the ghostwriter will you put you first and write your book your way.

Feel him or her out and be honest with yourself and ensure that you feel you could work with that particular ghostwriter.

Typically, a ghostwriter will not have a big ego, but unfortunately we are all human and there are some that do.

The one mantra that I repeat every day is this…

This is not my book. It is my clients book.

A good professional ghostwriter will have this belief as well.

Do your best to make sure that whoever you choose is a good fit and will truly Disappear and let you shine.

My goal is to let your voice shine and make you successful with your project. I love disappearing and making that happen for all of my clients.

If you are looking to have a book or project ghostwritten, get in touch with me as I’d love to learn how I can help you make that happen. Email me at or schedule a FREE book/Project consultation at

Will Your Ghostwriter Disappeear?

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