Book Authority Fee Sheet

Jeffrey’s pricing fees are approximate, and the actual fee will depend on your book’s details and specifications, including research, interviews and level of research and subject matter.

There are numerous aspects that influence a book ghost writer's fee, such as the complexity of the book, the time it takes to write, the amount of words, interview time, and level of research among other factors.

 Unlike memoirs or novels with over 90,000 words, most business books are usually shorter and simpler. For this reason, I have provided a fee range for each topic.

A detailed quote for your book project will be provided to you prior to the signing of the agreement.

 Memoirs/Life Stories/Autobiographies

$45,000 to $100,000

Business Books (Extensive)

$35,000 to $95,000

Non-Fiction Books (Miscellaneous)

 $25,000 to $95,000

Editing, Book Doctoring, Coaching

​Pricing available upon discussion and review of work to be edited. Depends upon complexity and length. An NDA will be provided prior to that review for your protection.

Book Proposals 

 $10,000 to $15,000

 Typically, book project fees are billed in three advance payments according to a percentage basis chosen by the client:

Option 1: 50-40-10 split

Option 2: 30-50-20 split

Option 3: 25-25-25-25 Split

Option 4: 30% down-Monthly fees based upon an agreed timeframe and determined duration)

 The word count for each agreement is divided into thirds.

The fees I charge include the book writing, interviews, and a full edit and proofing by outside editors after your final draft is approved.

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